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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Remembering Nicole - Uncle Kevin

Nicole was a beautiful person and I loved her very much. I will always remember her energy, her smile, her laughter, her enthusiasm and the way her presence brought warmth and love to every occasion and family get together. 

Just before Christmas, my sister Lynn and my wife were both in the hospital and I was visiting them. Nicole was home from school and working at a restaurant across the street. Something inside me said "wow what a great opportunity", I can visit with everyone tonight,`I should go and see Nicole. I can't wait to see how her brand new college career is coming. I can hear about what she is doing and planning for the future. This time in her life must have been so exciting, and I know Nicole must have all kinds of big plans, ideas, and enthusiasm for her future. 

I went across the street and sat in her section. She was not too busy, so she sat down at the table with me and we were able to talk about family, school, jobs, skiing, and just life. This now makes me realize that every second in life is precious, and I am grateful for every second that I spent with my niece.

Like ususal, she was excited about everything and full of life. I left that place so happy, smiling, and thinking to myself what a bright, genuine, loving person Nicole has become...She's gonna do great things. That was the last time I really got to talk to my Goddaughter. The world has lost one of the nicest, most sincere, people I have ever known. She showed us all how to be a better person.

I know that Heaven is a much better place with Nicole there now. God must have seen Nicole grow up and needed her. She will always be with me in my heart. I love you and will miss you Nicole.

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